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Laptop With Linux Mini (NUC)

Updated Mar 11, 2021

Things that could make the experience much better on this device


Updated Jun 4, 2021

Previously we had some repos using their own custom versions of a validated entry for forms. Now that we have a widget for this in Granite, we can replace those


Updated Apr 23, 2021

Project to track the transition from Wingpanel.Widgets.Switch and custom solutions to Granite.SwitchModelButton.

Star LabTop Mk IV

Updated May 18, 2021

Partner launch


Updated Mar 24, 2021

Google offers an education solution composed of Chromebooks and services. It sounds like it mostly consists of Gmail, Docs, and Schoology. This project board should track how we can provide some kind of education package/solution using open source tools instead

Raspberry Pi

Updated Dec 7, 2020

Issues and work related to experimental Raspberry Pi builds

CSS Small Labels

Updated Apr 23, 2021

Flatpak all the things

Updated Jun 1, 2021

Tracking our effort to provide all first party apps as Flatpak

Pinebook Pro

Updated Feb 24, 2021

Tracking issues related to the experience on Pinebook Pro


Updated Jun 25, 2020

Things to make the experience on NVIDIA hardware better.

Linked repositories: gala, os

Contextual Authentication

Updated Oct 14, 2020

Showing an authentication infobar is not a good flow. It clutters up the UI, encourages authing early, etc. Instead we should only ask for authentication when a user attempts to change a setting they don't have permission for.

elementary Stylesheet Opt-In

Updated Dec 9, 2020

Make using the elementary stylesheet opt-in for apps in elementary OS 6. See:

Linked repositories: granite, default-settings

AppCenter For Everyone Sprint

Updated May 24, 2021

Organizing tasks for the week

Prepare for Gtk4 Removals

Updated Apr 13, 2021

There have been some removals in Gtk4 that we can probably get ahead of."Gtk.Toolbar"&type=Code

Show Zoom in Overlay

Updated Jan 4, 2020

Simple project to track cross-repo issues and PRs related to showing the zoom level in an app in an overlay.

Linked repositories: terminal, code, files

Hardware Security Keys

Updated Dec 10, 2019

FIDO/U2F keys like Nitrokey, Yubikey, and Titan Security Key are becoming more common. We should ensure elementary OS interoperates with these devices, and provides the best experience when doing so.

Linked repositories: pantheon-agent-polkit, greeter, switchboard-plug-security-privacy

Flatpak-based AppCenter Ecosystem

Updated Nov 11, 2020

Building all the web and desktop stuff that will enable us to host and distribute pay-what-you-want apps via Flatpak

Linked repositories: houston, appcenter-web, appcenter, houston-server

Nextcloud Support

Updated May 24, 2021

Tracking cross-repo issues for Nextcloud support

Linked repositories: switchboard-plug-onlineaccounts

Sandboxing & Portals

Updated Jan 12, 2021

issues related to sandboxing apps and providing sandbox holes (aka portals)

Multi-touch Gestures

Updated May 29, 2021

No description

It seems like there's no real reason to not use GLib.Settings instead.

Ambient Captive Portal

Updated Aug 30, 2019

It seems like the Captive Portal experience could be more ambiently accessible, i.e. if a connection loses connectivity or otherwise requires reauthenticating.

Linked repositories: capnet-assist, switchboard-plug-network, wingpanel-indicator-network

Replace ZeitGeist with Tracker

Updated May 19, 2021

Zeitgeist is not longer in active development and is falling behind in terms of feature and security. We need to use Tracker that is also used by GNOME

6.0 Odin Release

Updated Jun 11, 2021

Targeted tasks for elementary OS 6

Metered Data

Updated Feb 24, 2021

Respecting users' limited amount of data.

Distro-agnostic Pantheon

Updated Feb 24, 2021

This project tracks issues related to making Pantheon more distro-agnostic such as by removing Debian/Ubuntu-isms.


Updated May 28, 2021

Things we can do specifically to help out OEMs, or make elementary OS a better pre-installed experience.

Prefer Dark Style

Updated May 19, 2021

A dark UI preference for system UI. Also includes a way to support an opt-in dark preference that apps can support.


Updated Aug 4, 2020

Relating to respecting and protecting users' privacy, whether from ourselves or from third-parties.


Updated Feb 10, 2021

Better HiDPI support

Linked repositories: greeter, switchboard-plug-display, gala