Distro-agnostic Pantheon

Updated Feb 20, 2019

This project tracks issues related to making Pantheon more distro-agnostic such as by removing Debian/Ubuntu-isms.


Updated Feb 22, 2019

Because of Portals and a more clean way to implement a custom file chooser, we need to migrate everything over to FileChooserNative from FileChooserDialog



Updated Feb 19, 2019

Relating to respecting and protecting users' privacy, whether from ourselves or from third-parties.

Settings Search

Updated Jan 31, 2019

It's possible to search some settings from the Applications Menu. We should work in the plugs and menu itself to make this a better experience with more relevant results.

Linked repositories: switchboard-plug-applications, switchboard-plug-keyboard, switchboard, applications-menu


Updated Jan 31, 2019

Better HiDPI support

Linked repositories: greeter, switchboard-plug-display, gala


Updated Sep 6, 2018

We should support biometrics—i.e. fingerprint and eventually maybe face recognition—for certain authentication actions throughout the OS. Other OSes have a concept of weak biometrics and strong biometrics based on the success/false positive rates, which is something to consider. We should also try to think about and design this in a generic way, not strictly for one biometric method.

Linked repositories: pantheon-agent-polkit, greeter, switchboard-plug-useraccounts, switchboard-plug-security-privacy

A11y Features are Just Features

Updated Dec 4, 2018

Dan and I have been talking about how oftentimes accessibility or universal access features should just be standard features; oftentimes people don't see themselves as "disabled" or needing "accessibility" features, but could benefit from these settings. And by shipping them as standard features, they're more likely to be well-tested.

Linked repositories: switchboard-plug-pantheon-shell, switchboard-plug-a11y, switchboard-plug-sound


Updated Sep 28, 2018

Related to using a DBus interface to request to end the session

Digital Wellbeing

Updated Feb 6, 2019

Organization-wide efforts to promote and enable digital wellbeing, i.e. getting a handle on how much you use your computer and for what, and enabling yourself to set restrictions on your usage.

Linked repositories: switchboard-plug-parental-controls, applications-menu

Keyboard Shortcut Discoverability

Updated Feb 18, 2019

Context menus in the system don't currently show the accelerator that is attached to them. It would make sense to show shortcuts there for them to be more discoverable. Tooltips could also show shortcuts when it makes sense.


Updated Jul 12, 2018

challenges and changes associated with the move to Gtk+ 4

Internet Without The Web

Updated Jan 31, 2019

Things that need to be done to have a really great cloud/sync/online accounts experience

Houston CI

Updated Oct 30, 2018

We should have all projects using Houston CI to make sure we have a consistent test environement

Upgrading Loki to Juno

Updated Sep 28, 2018

Collection of thoughts and TODOs and potential pitfalls for implementing the upgrade process.

Pantheon Online Accounts Juno

Updated Oct 12, 2018

Online Accounts plug and Pantheon Online Accounts must return to a shippable state

Multiple Displays

Updated Oct 24, 2018

Issues related to excellent multi-display support, i.e. supporting external monitors, projectors, etc.

These are the last bzr things I have yet to port to git and github.


Updated Jul 12, 2018

Everything keeping us from living in the Wayland future


Updated Mar 29, 2018

No description

Juno Regression Tracking

Updated Feb 7, 2019

Known regressions from Loki to Juno

RDNN all the things

Updated Dec 21, 2018

We need to plan the migration to reverse domain name notation (RDNN) for app binaries