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Updated May 19, 2019

This project is a micro-social network for colleges. Many colleges face problems in proper communication between students and extra-curricular activities & club events. The solution proposed is as follows:-

  1. Ability to make a big event & add small sub-events in it.
  2. Ability to add clubs available in the university to encourage group learning.
  3. The ability to register for the event directly from the app.
  4. Notifications support.


Updated Oct 28, 2019

A Cross Platform Event Management Application for Organisations.

It has following features:

  1. A digital badge with QR for check-in
  2. A chat platform for the attendees of the meet-up with the speaker
  3. Ability to ask/queue questions to the speaker in-between the meetup. They will be shown to the speaker live.
  4. A quick feedback flow for meetups.
  5. Directions to the venue (using AR) (proposed feature)
  6. Organise Quizzes in the app.

We're going to make it customisable and free to self-host by any community.

Linked repositories: enroll-me-app, enroll-me-flutter


Updated Apr 14, 2019

An app to detect the RFID tags of guests attending an event and mark them present in the database. Its a project aimed to give a unique identy to all the geeks of fnplus though their own RFID.

The aim of this project is to create an app with the following capabilities:

  1. Detect and retrieve the ID number from a RFID tag.
  2. Match the ID with the database of Geek Information.
  3. Display his/her name and mark her present in that event.

Linked repositories: project-RFID-reader


Updated Apr 8, 2019

The idea of this project is to create a canva like platform, but with a specific purpose of applying a template to gamify anything and everything. For example, do you want to gamify employee attendance? How about student learning? How about a salesperson's performance?

The platform should allow a user to apply an existing game board template, or design a new template, or just design a new game. The elements of a game would be

  1. Points
  2. Resource Collection
  3. Levels
  4. Progression
  5. Quests or pre-defined play with a milestone consisting of the above
  6. Player Profile or Avatar
  7. Leaderboards
  8. Graphic Design elements

Finally, there should be an automatic game manual generation that can be shared with all players.

This could be extended from badgeos github repo


Updated Apr 8, 2019

In case of a fire or any emergency, employees in any office or commercial building are supposed to exit and assemble at a designated safety assembly point. There is no easy way to find out if everyone has exited the building or not.

The idea of this project is to build an automated safety register, that takes in the CCTV feed from the office entry cameras, counts how many entered the building at any given point in time. In case of an emergency, it quickly reconciles if everyone has exited. If there is a gap, it takes in the live feed few minutes prior to the incident and identifies where someone could be potentially tapped in the building.


Updated May 18, 2019

The Effortless Way to Correct Your ‘Screen-Slouch’ using A personal posture trainer.

It helps to strengthen your posture and strengthen your core, as well as enjoying a whole host of other health benefits!

Linked repositories: hackx-droopcity

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