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  1. An input element that validates its value with a server endpoint.
  2. Auto-complete input values from server results
  3. Javascript Library for Client-side Encryption with Braintree
  4. Copy element text content or input values to the clipboard.
  5. d3 4.10.2
    Data-Driven Documents
    npm 3 38
  6. darrrr 0.1.4
  7. A modal dialog opened with a <details> button.
  8. A menu opened with a <details> button.
  9. Backports native emoji characters to browsers that don't support them by replacing the characters with fallback images.
  10. hotkey 1.2.4
    Trigger an action on a target element when a key or sequence of keys is pressed on the keyboard. This triggers a focus event on form fields, or a click event on `<a href="...">`, `<button>` and `<summary>` elements.
    npm 16
  11. Select area for cropping an image. This does not actually crop.
  12. A Client Side Includes tag.
  13. Open sourced components from GitHub Learning Lab
  14. lit-html 0.9.0
    npm 3 16
  15. Markdown formatting buttons for text inputs.
  16. This is a package which provides `throttle` and `debounce` functions, with both flow and TypeScript declarations, and a minimal code footprint (less than 60 lines, less than 350 bytes minified+gzipped)
  17. Query the document tree by selector, filtering by element type.
  18. An input element that sends its value to a server endpoint and renders the response body.
  19. rollup 0.67.3-1
    Next-generation ES module bundler
    npm 4 55
  20. semantic
    docker 1.03k
  21. semantic-image docker-base-layer
  22. Annotate fields to be persisted on navigation away from the current page.
  23. Tab container element
  24. Drag and drop task list items.
  25. Formats a timestamp as a localized string or as relative text that auto-updates in the user's browser.
  26. Simple polyfill for URLSearchParams standard
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