Updated Dec 17, 2018

A collection of sound effects and ambient sounds under CC BY 4.0.


Updated Nov 27, 2018

Add a standardized way to develop processes and implement a process in a workflow engine

Owner: @aschaeffer, @koppiman, @westernheld


Updated Nov 30, 2018

Create a first standalone Entity System as standalone app with a placeholder windowing and with a minimal octree rendering as visual feedback.

Owner: @IAmNotHanni, @aschaeffer


Updated Nov 27, 2018

How to package a version of Inexor, download it and update it

Owner: @a-teammate, @Croydon, @westernheld


Updated Dec 25, 2018

This workstream is defined to firstly bind flex with core (across languages) and later on flex and core across machines

Owner: @a-teammate, @aschaeffer


Updated Nov 27, 2018

Main Menus, HUDs and underlying design systems.

Owner: @MartinMuzatko, @IAmNotHanni, @movabo


Updated Jan 9, 2019

The inexor website for download, instructions, docs, changelog, and other information not containing community features.

Owner: @MartinMuzatko, @movabo

Linked repositories: site


Updated Nov 27, 2018

Cloud-based features that make a community possible. content browser, user and group discovery.

Owner: @MartinMuzatko, @movabo

Engine Architecture

Updated Dec 23, 2018

Modular engine used to glue together all the different parts

Owner: @Fohlen, @a-teammate, @IAmNotHanni