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Allies Workstream

Updated Nov 25, 2021

Board used by the Allies focused working group to manage all tasks.

App Builders Backlog

Updated Jun 23, 2021

Enabling technical partners of the CHT community through improved product configurability and administrative setup.

Example product areas: configuration and administrator tools; admin console

Linked repositories: cht-core, medic-docs, cht-conf

CHIS Project Board

Updated Jun 28, 2021

Shared board around CoP PoC

Linked repositories: chis-visualizations, chis-interoperability

Care Teams Workstream

Updated Nov 25, 2021

Board used by the Care Teams focused working group to manage all tasks.

Core Engineers Backlog

Updated Oct 26, 2021

Technological improvements that make the core framework scalable, easier to contribute code, and interoperable.

Example product areas: infrastructure, code management, and integrations used by technical teams

Data Scientists Backlog

Updated Oct 6, 2021

Enabling research initiatives and enhancing data science for the Research and Learning team.

Example product areas: data warehousing, patient risk management, decision support

Linked repositories: cht-core, medic-docs

End Users Backlog

Updated Oct 13, 2021

Augmenting and improving the user experience. These are based on our user research, user and community feedback, learning projects, and organizational vision statements.

Example product areas: UI, connectivity, improvements to organize, track, and manage health issues over time by a collaborative health team

Linked repositories: cht-core, medic-docs

Implementing Partners Backlog

Updated Sep 16, 2021

Supporting implementing partners deploying models of care or working with governments.

Example product areas: instance management, integrations

Linked repositories: cht-core, medic-docs

QA Engineering

Updated Nov 15, 2021

This project tracks work items that are geared towards improving product quality and/or QA process