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Updated Jul 5, 2019

Ubuntu Touch OTA-11, the eleventh stable update to the mobile operating system by UBports.

Bluez Upgrade

Updated Jun 28, 2019

Bring Bluez components to a more reasonable version. Currently targeting 5.50

Linked repositories: bluez-packaging

Dark Style Preference

Updated Jun 25, 2019

Following the lead of elementary OS ( ), we want to offer users the option to show the preference for a dark style. Rather than forcing all apps into a dark style like we do now, we should allow developers to opt-in to a dark style when they are ready for it. This approach will allow users to have a dark style while giving developers the power to make their apps look the best.


Updated Jul 7, 2019

Ubuntu Touch OTA-10, the tenth stable update to the mobile operating system by UBports.

We'll continue to focus on moving to the last upstream version of Unity8 and the latest Mir in this update. Other contributions are, as always, welcome.

Unity8+Mir upgrade

Updated Jul 14, 2019

Tracks the progress of the Unity8/Mir upgrade currently in the 16.04/edge channel. See Living on the edge to learn how you can help test and fix the issues on this board

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