An image resizing service to sit behind a dynamic cache (like CloudFront).
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An image resizing service to sit behind a dynamic cache (like CloudFront).


Install Servo with npm.

npm install -g servo

Set up your configuration (see below) and simply run

SERVO_CONFIG=/my/config.js servo


Servo uses a JS/JSON file for configuration that needs to be passed in through a SERVO_CONFIG environment variable.

sample servo.json

  // The port servo will listen for requests on.
  "port": 80,

  // Set the cache-control header to set the life of objects.
  "cacheControl": "max-age=315360000"

  // Hosts that point to the cloudfront endpoint. Requests on servo that are not
  // from cloudfront will be redirected randomly to one of these hosts.

  "hosts": [

  // A whitelist of coercible extensions.
  "extensions": [

  // The S3 bucket to be used.
  "bucket": "some-s3-bucket",

  // AWS Access Key ID.
  "accessKeyId": "XXX",

  // AWS Secret Access Key.
  "secretAccessKey": "XXX",

  // A shared key between servo and a publishing app.
  "servoKey": "XXX",

  // GraphicsMagick routines to put an image through when specified in the URL.
  "routines": {
    "profile": "scale:200,200,^;gravity:Center;extent:200,200;strip",
    "100x100": "resize:100,100;strip"

  // Enable/disable CORS headers.
  "cors": true,

  // Refuse to upload files over n bytes.
  "maxFileSize": 12345,

  // Automatically resize images to fit in an n by n box if they have a
  // dimension that is larger than n.
  "maxImageDimension": 2000,

  // Specify a hash algorithm to use for each file.
  // Run `node -e "console.log(require('crypto').getHashes())"` to see a list of
  // algorithms your machine supports.
  hashAlgorithm: 'sha512'


Servo responds to a few requests.


GET /path/to/resource[-routine][.extension]

No authentication is required for this request. If specific image at the requested size and extension has yet to be generated, it will be generated on the fly, otherwise the cloudfront cache should catch it. If authenticated, will redirect to a signed URL for the requested resource.


(requested resource or empty body and error status code)


PUT /[explicit route]

(file=@imgA.jpg) OR (key=s3Key [bucket=default-bucket])
routine=strip;scale:100,100 (optional)

A Servo Key is required in the header of the request to PUT resources into S3. When an explicit route is not specified, files are saved as their hashed value. The resource mime type is extracted from the file's extension and stored as a header in S3. An optional routine option may be added to put the image through a series of GraphicsMagick operations before uploading.


  "bucket": "orgsync-test"
  "key": "hashorexplicitroute...",
  "size": 1234,
  "type": "image/jpeg",
  "width": 100,
  "height": 200,
  "name": "imgA.jpg"


DELETE /path/to/resource


A Servo Key is required in the header of the request to DELETE resources in S3. The request simply returns a 200 status and empty JSON object on success.


204 No Content