Gridx v1.1.0 Release Notes

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New Features

IndirectSelectColumn module

An alternative to the IndirectSelect module. Use a check box column instead of row header. Not relying on RowHeader module, so no misalignment issue. But will scroll with horizontal scroll bar, unless locked by ColumnLock module.

VirtualScroll module

A helper module to make the grid scrollable on touch devices. Just scrollable, no "bouncing" or "sliding" effects yet.

BidiSupport module

Special bidi support for individual columns. To make somes columns bidi, while others not.

Initial FilterBar condition

Filter the grid when it is created (not after, so only one store fetch is needed).

"enum" type for Filter Bar and Filter Dialog

Can provide a Select widget as the value box in filter dialog.

Bar plugin as module

Can easily declare Bar plugins in a module, so that pagination bar, quick filter, summary bar, etc, can be implemented using exising Bar plugins.

QuickFilter module

A pre-configured QuickFilter support widget, used in Bar module, placed at the top right cornor of grid.

GridCommon class:

Just Grid class plus some frequently used modules.

gridx/support directory

Moved from gridx/modules/barPlugins, to emporsize that they are actually not a part of the grid, but some supporting tools.

Major Improvements:

Tree module

Fixed some major bugs when using Tree module together with pagination, cell widget and other modules.

FormatSort model extension

Also support new stores.

API docs

Re-organized to make it easier to understand and look-up.

Refactored Features

PaginationBar module

Created by gridx/support/Summary, gridx/support/LinkPager and gridx/support/LinkSizer. Now just a shortcut.

PaginationBarDD module

Created by gridx/support/Summary, gridx/support/DropDownPager and gridx/support/DropDownSizer. Now just a shortcut.

SummaryBar module

Created by gridx/support/Summary. Now just a shortcut.

ToolBar module

Created directly upon Bar module. Now just a shortcut.

export and print

Refactored to be single functions for each exporter and printer, taking grid as an argument, and moved to gridx/support.

Deprecated Features:

  • TitleBar module: 1.2. Use Bar module instead.
  • exporter modules: 1.2. Use gridx/support/exporter instead
  • Printer module: 1.2. Use gridx/support/printer instead
  • gridx/modules/barPlugins directory: 1.2. Use gridx/support directly instead

Experimental Features:

  • TouchScroll module
  • TouchVScroller module
  • RowLock module
  • Tree module

Other Changes:

  • Add Focus to core modules
  • Remove module dependency dead-lock check
  • Change HOME/END key to move focus to the first/last cell in the current row
  • A lot of fixes