Gridx v1.3.0 Release Notes

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New Features:


Based on GroupHeader and HiddenColumns to implement column expanding and collapsing.


Make header slanted to better display small cell content with long header title. Compatible with ExpandableColumn.

Grid in grid

Allow putting another Gridx inside Details on Demand (Dod).

FilterBar Conditions Persistence

Allow persisting advanced filter conditions. Persistence name is "filterbar".

[MultiChannel] Puller (for QuickFilter, experimental)

When used on mobile device, QuickFilter bar can be pulled out (or pushed into) grid header.

[MultiChannel] StructureSwitch (experimental)

Provided an easy why to specify which column to use based on device orientation or customized conditions.

[MultiChannel] Layer (experimental)

Mobile version of tree grid. Only show one level of rows at a time.

New Properties:

  • touch: true if grid is on a touch device, false otherwise. Also can be manually set when creating grid.
  • touchModules and desktopModules: only touchModules will be loaded when grid.touch is true; only desktopModules will be loaded when grid.touch is false. Note that `modules will always be loaded.

Major Improvements:

  • Use LESS to reorganize css
  • Combined and cleaned up images and/or icons
  • Combined nls files into one
  • Module-Set declaration

Minor Improvements:

  • Removed gridx/resources/Gridx_rtl.css and gridx/resources/claro/Gridx_rtl.css. Only one css file is needed (a.k.a gridx/resources/claro/Gridx.css), rlt support is already built in it.
  • Sync cache is loaded by default. No need to declare cacheClass:Sync anymore.

Refactored Features:

Pull out the common parts of PagedBody and AutoPagedBody to be a base mixin _PagedBodyMixin.

Deprecated Features: