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Myrddin Website and Documentation

Myrddin is a systems language that is both powerful and fun to use. It aims for C like low level control, a lightweight high quality implementation, and features you may find familiar from languages like like rust and ocaml.

This combination makes Myrddin suitable for anything ranging from desktop applications, to embedded systems and potentially even kernel development.


If you are building from development then issue make bootstrap after the call to ./configure.

  • ./configure
  • make
  • make install

The result will be, among other things, the binaries 6m and mbld.


Compile and execute: mbld -R test.myr

Compile into a binary: mbld -b binary test.myr


A classic:

use std

const main = {

	for var i = 0; i < 1000; i++
		/* pattern match on a tuple */
		match (i % 3, i % 5)
		| (0, 0): std.put("fizzbuzz\n")
		| (0, _): std.put("fizz\n")
		| (_, 0): std.put("buzz\n")
		| _:

How about regex, destructuring and algebraic data types?

use regex
use std

const main = {
	var re, str

	str = "match against this!"
	match regex.compile(".*")
	| `std.Ok r:	re = r
	| `std.Err m:	std.fatal("couldn't compile regex: {}\n", m)
	match regex.exec(re, str)
	| `std.Some _:  std.put("regex matched\n")
	| `std.None:	std.fatal("regex did not match\n")

More examples and a complete feature list can be found on the website.


Solid Engineering

Try It Online

The online playground is a good place to get started with little setup.

Online Playground Environment

API Documentation

Myrddin ships with standard library which covers many common uses. It is becoming more useful every day.

API Reference

Mailing List

Annoucements of major changes, questions, complaints. We also give relationship advice.

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Supported Platforms

Myrddin currently runs on a number of platforms

  • FreeBSD
  • Linux
  • NetBSD
  • OSX
  • OpenBSD
  • Plan9front