document failed to save on update using 1.6.x #1867

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we found that the odocument is not able to save during update, i.e. saving a new odocument works fine, when we update some fields and save the 2nd time, the changes are not persisted. The same code works fine on 1.4.1 and 1.5.0.

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May you provide a piece of code? Otherwise we would need a witch to understand your problem! :-)

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Sure, thanks for the quick response :), below is the relevant code:

/** We uses embedded database, and here is the method building storage configuration */
private OServerStorageConfiguration buildStorageConfiguration() {
OServerStorageConfiguration storage = new OServerStorageConfiguration();
storage.path = "local:" + settingsService.getOrientDbLocation(); = "odin";
storage.loadOnStartup = true;
storage.userName = settingsService.getOrientDbUsername();
storage.userPassword = settingsService.getOrientDbPassword();
return storage;

/** here is how we call the save using a callpack */

public <S extends T> S save(final S entity) {


    ODocument document = orientDbTemplate.executeWithTx(new DocumentTxCallback<ODocument>() {

        public ODocument withDocumentTx(ODatabaseDocumentTx documentTx) {

            OIdentifiable existing = findExisting(documentTx, entity.getId());

            ODocument document = null;

            if (existing != null) {

                document = existing.getRecord();
                T existingEntity = gson.get().fromJson(existing.getRecord().toJSON(), typeOfT);

                updateExistingWith(existingEntity, entity);
                LOG.debug("Updating existing document with id " + entity.getId());
            } else {

                document = documentTx.newInstance();
                LOG.debug("Creating new document with id " + entity.getId());
            document =;

            return document;

    final T savedEntity = gson.get().fromJson(document.toJSON(), typeOfT);
    return (S) savedEntity;


/** here is the orentDbTemplate call*/
public T executeWithTx(DocumentTxCallback callback) {

    ODatabaseDocumentTx documentTx = documentPool.acquire();

    try {

        T result = callback.withDocumentTx(documentTx);

        return result;
    } finally {

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Is this still valid?

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