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Beautiful assertions without verbosity!
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Beautiful assertion library.


  • Straight-forward: Alright should get out of your way and just let you define your tests with what you already know: plain JavaScript.

  • No verbosity: We don't want expect(x)

  • Helpful error messages: When things go wrong, Alright should do its best to show you exactly what's wrong and how you might fix it.

  • Test-framework agnostic: Alright should work with anything that expect Errors to be thrown when assertions fail.

  • Extensible: It should be easy to extend the built-in assertions with plain JavaScript.

  • Work with older Browsers: Some people still need to support old IEs, Alright should work on them.


Using the Sweet.js macros:

var _ = require('specify-assertions')

// simple assertions
add(a)(b) => a + b
add(a)(b) => not a + b

// anything goes assertions
add(a)(b) should _.equal(a + b)
add(a)(b) should not _.equal(a + b)

// asynchronous assertions with pure fantasy-land monads, or Promises/A+
asyncAdd(a)(b) will _.equal(a + b)
asyncAdd(a)(b) will not _.equal(a + b)

Using vanilla JavaScript:

var _ = require('specify-assertions')

// Use verify for synchronous assertions
_.verify(add(a)(b))(_.equals(a + b))
_.verify(add(a)(b))(_.not(_.equals(a + b)))

// use verifyFuture for monadic Futures, and verifyPromise for Promises/A+
_.verifyMonad(asyncAdd(a)(b))(_.equals(a + b))


$ npm install specify-assertions


$ npm install
$ make test


$ npm install
$ make documentation

Platform support

This library assumes an ES5 environment, but can be easily supported in ES3 platforms by the use of shims. Just include [es5-shim][] :)


Copyright (c) 2013-2014 Origami Tower.

This module is part of the Specify framework, and released under the MIT licence.

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