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Public Participation Invited

OriginBX is an OASIS Open Project and welcomes participation by anyone, whether affiliated with OASIS or not. Substantive contributions and feedback are invited from all parties, following the common conventions for participation in GitHub public repository projects.

Participation is expected to be consistent with our Code of Conduct, the licenses applicable for each repository, and the acceptance of our Contributor License Agreement, generally at the time of first contribution.

How to Contribute

When contributing to the repositories in this project, please first discuss significant changes you wish to make via issue, email, GitHub discussion, or via the project's email list.


One of the best ways to communicate with the rest of the project contributors is by opening a GitHub issue!

Discussions and announcements

Longer discussions can be taken up on the GitHub Discussions list or via the mailing list.

Discussions are a relatively new feature in GitHub that function like a chat service. You can find the Discussions link next to the link for Pull Requests.

The general mailing list requires that you subscribe before you can send. To subscribe, send a blank email to and reply to the confirmation email you receive.

General announcements are posted to the general mailing list and may be posted to other communications channels as well.

About the CLA Bot

When you first submit a pull request, CLA Assistant, a bot, will check to see whether you have previously signed the Individual CLA. If you have already done so, this check will pass. If not, the bot will comment on the PR with a link and instruction for you to click and sign the CLA electronically via GitHub. If you use different GitHub accounts for work and personal use, please make sure you are signed in to the correct account.


Questions or comments about this project's work may be composed as GitHub issues or comments or may be directed to the project's general email list. General questions about OASIS Open Projects may be directed to OASIS staff at