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Enhanced bsmSelect. See the README
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bsmSelect - Better Select Multiple

Changes from original:

  • Added option addToParent (default: false).
    Append the generated select field and label to the the parent of the original element (this should be some container element like div or p if you do valid html)
  • Selected elements get pushed into an <ul> or <ol> - without any classes or ids - which is appended to the parent of the original element
  • There is no "remove"-anchor tag. Instead the remove happens on click onto some <li>. Feel free to style the li:hover with css.


based on asmSelect - Alternate Select Multiple by Ryan Cramer


bsmSelect demo


Include jquery, bsmSelect, and css in document head:

<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.bsmselect.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="jquery.bsmselect.css" />

Use a jQuery selector in your document ready function:

jQuery(function($) {

If desired, you can specify options when you call the plugin:

jQuery(function($) {
        addItemTarget: 'top'

The newly created select default option is the original select title attribute:

<select name="cities" multiple="multiple" title="Please select a city">


  • jQuery 1.4+


Primary Options

  • listType:

    • Specify what list will be created or used as part of the bsmSelect.
    • Can accept a callback that accepts the original as an argument and returns a jQuery object with a single list.
    • Allowed values:
      • 'ol'
      • 'ul'
      • function(originalSelect) { // your code; return $('<ul>'); }
    • Default: 'ol'
  • highlightEffect:

    • Show a quick highlight of what item was added or removed?
    • Allowed values:
      • an animation function
    • Default: $.noop (no effect)
  • showEffect:

    • Animate the addition of an item to the list
    • Allowed values:
      • an animation function
    • Default: $
  • hideEffect:

    • Animate the removal of an items from the list
    • Allowed values:
      • an animation function
    • Default: $.bsmSelect.effects.remove
  • hideWhenAdded:

    • Stop showing in select after item has been added?
    • Allowed values: true or false
    • Default: false
    • Note: Only functional in Firefox 3 at this time.
  • addItemTarget:

    • Where to place new selected items that are added to the list.
    • Allowed values: 'top' or 'bottom' or 'original' to keep the original select sort order
    • Default: 'bottom'
    • Note: When using the 'original' mode, the sort order can be overridden by setting the 'bsm-order' data on each option.
  • debugMode:

    • Keeps original select multiple visible so that you can monitor live changes made to it when debugging.
    • Default: false
  • extractLabel:

    • A function to compute the list element name from the option object
    • Default: extract the option html
  • plugins

    • An array of plugins objects to enable (they only are required to have an init method which is called on init with the Bsmselect instance as single argument).
    • Default: an empty array (no plugin enabled by default)

Text Labels

  • title

    • Text used for the default select label (when original select title attribute is not set)
    • Default: 'Select...'
  • removeLabel:

    • Text used for the remove link of each list item.
    • Default: 'remove'
  • highlightAddedLabel:

    • Text that precedes highlight of item added.
    • Default: 'Added: '
  • highlightRemovedLabel:

    • Text that precedes highlight of item removed.
    • Default: 'Removed: '

Modifiable CSS Classes

  • containerClass:

    • Class for container that wraps the entire bsmSelect.
    • Default: 'bsmContainer'
  • selectClass:

    • Class for the newly created .
    • Default: 'bsmSelect'
  • listClass:

    • Class for the newly created list of listType (ol or ul).
    • Default: 'bsmList'
  • listSortableClass:

    • Another class given to the list when sortable is active.
    • Default: 'bsmListSortable'
  • listItemClass:

    • Class given to the
    • list items.
    • Default: 'bsmListItem'
  • listItemLabelClass:

    • Class for the label text that appears in list items.
    • Default: 'bsmListItemLabel'
  • removeClass:

    • Class given to the remove link in each list item.
    • Any element found in the
    • with this class will remove it.
    • If you give the
    • this class, clicking anywhere on the
    • will remove it.
    • Default: 'bsmListItemRemove'
  • highlightClass:

    • Class given to the highlight .
    • Default: 'bsmHighlight'

Authors and contributors



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