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asmSelect - Alternate Select Multiple
Documentation and more information at:
See related article at:
VERSION 1.0.4a beta - June 3rd, 2009
- Minor update to correct IE8 issue.
Thanks to Matthew Hutton for this fix.
VERSION 1.0.4 beta - December 1, 2008
- Fixed issue that interfered with multiple asmSelects
on the same page. This also solves an issue with
dynamically rendered (ajax) asmSelects on 1 page.
- Changed options so that "animate" and "highlight"
now default to "false". These are just a bit too
slow on older computers, so I thought it would be
better not to make them active defaults.
- Added code that triggers a change() event on the
original <select multiple> whenever a change is
made on the asmSelect. This means that other bits
of javascript don't need to know about asmSelect
if they happen to be monitoring the original
<select multiple> for changes.
- Added some additional logic for dealing with IE and
determining whether a click preceded an item being
added to the list. This was necessary because IE
triggers change events when you are scrolling around
in a select. Thankfully not an issue with other browsers.
- Added "optionDisabledClass" in program options.
This is a class assigned to <option> items that
are disabled. This was necessary because only
Safari allows the "disabled" attribute with
option tags (as far as I can tell). This is
mostly for internal use with asmSelect, so you can
ignore this unless you want to come up with your own
styles for disabled option items.
- Added logic to detect Opera and force a redraw of
the html list when original select is modified.
Previously, opera would not draw the new list items...
They were in the DOM, just not on Opera's screen.
- Updated documentation with note about the Firefox
autocomplete issue, which can be a factor on some
asmSelect implementations
VERSION 1.0.3 beta
- This version was released in the issues section
of the Google code site, but never released as
a full package. It fixed the issue with multiple
asmSelects on a single page.
VERSION 1.0.2 beta - July 15, 2008
- Updated license to consistent with jQuery and
jQuery UI: Dual MIT and GNU license.
- Fixed issue with IE6 where original select multiple
would reappear when sorting was enabled.
- Put in a partial fix for when IE6 select is being
scrolled without being focused. (ieClick)
- Updated for some other minor IE6 fixes, but still
not 100% on IE6, see 'Known Issues' in docs.
- Changed 'animate' and 'highlight' to be false by
default. These are too slow on old computers.
- Added new class to CSS 'optionDisabledClass' that
is applied to disabled options. This was necessary
becase Firefox and IE don't fade disabled options
like Safari does.
- Removed some extraneous code.
VERSION 1.0.1 beta - July 7, 2008
- Corrected an issue with IE where asmSelect didn't work if option values were blank.
VERSION 1.0.0 beta - July 5, 2008
Initial release
Copyright 2008 by Ryan Cramer
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