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Enhanced bsmSelect. See the README
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bsmSelect - Better Select Multiple

based on asmSelect - Alternate Select Multiple by Ryan Cramer


Primary Options

  • listType:

    • Specify what type of list will be created as part of the bsmSelect.
    • Allowed values: 'ol' or 'ul'
    • Default: 'ol'
  • sortable:

    • May the user drag and drop to sort the list of elements they have selected?
    • Allowed values: true or false
    • Default: false
    • Note: In order to use this option, you must have jQuery-UI Draggables, Droppables, and Sortables enabled.
  • highlight:

    • Show a quick highlight of what item was added or removed?
    • Allowed values: true or false
    • Default: false
  • animate:

    • Animate the adding or removing of items from the list?
    • Allowed values: true, false or an object with properties 'add' and 'drop' which are functions
    • Default: false
  • hideWhenAdded:

    • Stop showing in select after item has been added?
    • Allowed values: true or false
    • Default: false
    • Note: Only functional in Firefox 3 at this time.
  • addItemTarget:

    • Where to place new selected items that are added to the list.
    • Allowed values: 'top' or 'bottom'
    • Default: 'bottom'
  • debugMode:

    • Keeps original select multiple visible so that you can monitor live changes made to it when debugging.
    • Default: false

Text Labels

  • removeLabel:

    • Text used for the remove link of each list item.
    • Default: 'remove'
  • highlightAddedLabel:

    • Text that precedes highlight of item added.
    • Default: 'Added: '
  • highlightRemovedLabel:

    • Text that precedes highlight of item removed.
    • Default: 'Removed: '

Modifiable CSS Classes

  • containerClass:

    • Class for container that wraps the entire bsmSelect.
    • Default: 'bsmContainer'
  • selectClass:

    • Class for the newly created . Default: 'bsmSelect' listClass: Class for the newly created list of listType (ol or ul). Default: 'bsmList' listSortableClass: Another class given to the list when sortable is active. Default: 'bsmListSortable' listItemClass: Class given to the list items. Default: 'bsmListItem' listItemLabelClass: Class for the label text that appears in list items. Default: 'bsmListItemLabel' removeClass: Class given to the remove link in each list item. Default: 'bsmListItemRemove' highlightClass: Class given to the highlight . Default: 'bsmHighlight' History 2010-07-02: Renamed asmSelect to bsmSelect Refactor the code in order to implement plugin best practices Ability to use custom animations (see options and examples)
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