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think.image TravisCI

Clojars Project

Various algorithms and utilities for dealing with images.

Image Abstraction

Think.image contains an abstract protocol for operating on rects of pixels; that is pulling a rect of an arbitrary format out of an image into an array of data and writing an array of data into an image. The library will convert formats appropriately and transparently so for instance if you have an alpha-masked RGBA image and you ask for a rect of single-byte data it will perform the alpha multiply and grayscale conversion for you. A similar conversion will apply when writing pixel data back into the image. So as a user you simply need to think in rects and formats and let the library perform whatever conversions you need automatically.

This protocol is defined in protocols.clj while user-level access to it is defined in image.clj. In order to use this protocol with buffered images

(:require [think.image.core]
          [think.image.image :as img]) ;;access to user level functionality.

Examples of using this protocol are in some various other pieces of code, namely patch.clj.

There is a generic java implementation for the data conversion.


(ns color-test
  (:require [think.image.color :as cl]) )

(defn show-color-distances []
  (let [rgb-color1 [127 126 126]
        rgb-color2 [76 77 77]
        lab-color1 (cl/rgb->lab rgb-color1)
        lab-color2 (cl/rgb->lab rgb-color2)]
    (println "rgb color distance: " (cl/ciedist94 rgb-color1 rgb-color2))
    (println "cie76 color distance: " (cl/ciedist76 lab-color1 lab-color2))
    (println "cie94 color distance: " (cl/ciedist94 lab-color1 lab-color2))))


Copyright © 2017 ThinkTopic, LLC

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.