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Laser resonator calculation tool
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reZonator 2

reZonator is software for designing of laser resonators and calculation of light beam propagation (as gaussian so as ray vectors) in complex optical systems.

This is the official port of reZonator to Qt framework. The goal is to make it open-source and cross-platform.

Currently, version 2 is in alpha state, but it implements the most important functions of version 1:

  • Reading of project files (schemas) from version 1.
  • Stability calculation for resonators (standing-wave and ring).
  • Caustic calculation for resonators and single-pass systems.

If you need some particular feature from version 1 that it no ported yet, fill free to open an issue with a feature request.

See Home page or Releases for binary packages for Windows, Linux and macOS. See build instructions for building from source code.

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