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A jQuery plugin that displays a thumbnail grid expanding preview similar to the effect seen on Google Images.

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WARNING: ⚠⚠ this version has been deprecated and a new fully JS version is being developed here: ⚠⚠

jQuery GRIDDER 1.5.0 Buy Me a Coffee at unheap CDNJS version

Gridder Example


A jQuery plugin that displays a thumbnail grid expanding preview similar to the effect seen on Google Images.

We have all searched images on Google, so you probably noticed the interesting expanding preview when you click on a thumbnail. It’s a very nice effect and practical, allowing you quickly see more details without having to reload a new page. This plugin allows you to recreate a similar effect on a thumbnail grid. The idea is to open a preview when clicking on a thumbnail and to show a larger image and some other content like a title, a description and a link


Alternative version of Gridder that support html 5 pushstate (REQUIRES SERVER KNOWLEDGE)

Live demo GRIDDER v2 :



*24 June 2015 You can now load content via ajax. Simply replace the #ID with an URL.



  • Multiple instances
  • Really easy to use and customize
  • Expanding preview with details
  • Smooth Scrolling
  • Callbacks (so you can launch other plugins)

Coming soon ...

  • Hot Linking



  1. Include jQuery:

    <script src=""></script>
  2. Include plugin's code:

    <script src="dist/jquery.gridder.min.js"></script>
  3. HTML

    <!-- Gridder navigation -->
    <ul class="gridder">
         <!-- You can load specify which content is loaded by specifying the #ID of the div where the content is  -->
        <li class="gridder-list" data-griddercontent="#content1">
            <img src="" />
        <li class="gridder-list" data-griddercontent="#content2">
            <img src="" />
        <li class="gridder-list" data-griddercontent="#content3">
            <img src="" />
        <!-- You can also load html/ajax pages by replacing the #ID with a URL -->
        <li class="gridder-list" data-griddercontent="/content.html">
            <img src="" />
    <!-- Gridder content -->
    <div id="content1" class="gridder-content"> Content goes here... </div>
    <div id="content2" class="gridder-content"> Content goes here... </div>
    <div id="content3" class="gridder-content"> Content goes here... </div>
  4. Call the plugin:

    $(function() {
        // Call Gridder
            scroll: true,
            scrollOffset: 30,
            scrollTo: "panel",                  // panel or listitem
            animationSpeed: 400,
            animationEasing: "easeInOutExpo",
            showNav: true,                      // Show Navigation
            nextText: "Next",                   // Next button text
            prevText: "Previous",               // Previous button text
            closeText: "Close",                 // Close button text
            onStart: function(){
                //Gridder Inititialized
            onContent: function(){
                //Gridder Content Loaded
            onClosed: function(){
                //Gridder Closed

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.