Assets 2

Remove encryption systems used to protect Atari ST programs.

The second release now supports 16 protections (including Rob Northen Copylock System series 1 & 2), is pre-built for several Operating Systems, and provides protected programs samples.

The prebuilt/ directory provides executables for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and Atari ST.

The samples/ directory provides protected programs samples.
See the samples/README.txt file for detailed information.

The src/ directory contains the dec0de.c source file.

On Linux, Mac or Windows, run the dec0de program from the command prompt.
To obtain usage information, run the program as follows:
$ dec0de -h

On Atari ST, launch dec0de.prg or dec0de.ttp from the GEM desktop.
dec0de.prg provides an interactive mode, while dec0de.ttp expects parameters to be provided through the command line.