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XBDD Build Status


  1. See for details on Tomcat configuration
  2. Navigate to https://localhost:8443/xbdd/ (or whichever port you have specified during your tomcat configuration)

For performance / production

  1. Run the script contained within mongoIndexes.txt to create compound indexes required for search/sort.


See the user guide for an overview of XBDD functionality.


Cucumber json reports can be uploaded manually from the XBDD main page. See for instructions on automating the upload with maven.


For all those wishing to contribute to XBDD please fork the repository, and submit your changes via a pull request. Please ensure your pull request follows the pre-existing coding style and that mvn clean verify passes. You can use grunt pretty to format your CSS and JS correctly. If the build is failing due to licenses missing, please run mvn licence:format