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Planet Hunters TESS Subject Lightcurve Viewers

Jupyter Notebooks that lets you interactively visualize the a star's lightcurve provided by Planet Hunters TESS:

TIC Lightcurve Viewer

Open In Colab

A notebook that given a TIC, produces lightcurves, with many other options.

  • It is essentially a template that you're likely need to modify to suit the specific needs.
  • In simple cases, you just need to replace the TIC, but you do need to know some Python / Jupyter notebooks.

Interactive Subject Lightcurve Viewer


An interactive (but more limited) one that uses the data available on the Planet Hunters TESS subject page, without relying on MAST Portal.


  1. Goto the subject page of a star (example) on Planet Hunters TESS
  2. Click the 2 button below the lightcurve. The data in json format will be shown.
  3. Copy the data and paste it to the Lightcurve data textbox in the notebook.
  4. The lightcurve will be plotted. You can then explore it using the controls to zoom in, show the curve in moving average, etc.

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