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JUnitEE provides a TestRunner and a servlet which will run JUnit test suites
inside an application server.


junitee-user mailing list (subscribe at
Oliver Rossmueller (
John Kozlov (

Change log

Release 1.11

- Bug 1055571 fixed (Handle TestSetup)
- Bug 1045188 fixed (XML Summary Invalid)

Release 1.10

- HTML output page refresh rate config (contributed by Aaron Smith)
- Bug 952450 fixed (Not serializable objects in session)
- Bug 938685 fixed (formatter displays first test result only)

Release 1.9

- Bug 854955 fixed (NPE)
- Bug 890896 fixed (HTTP 500 for NoClassDefFoundError)
- Bug 920505 fixed (ActiveTestSuite)

Release 1.8

- Added support for EJB local references to the Ant task (RFE 812799)
- Fixed bug 798104 (PlainFormatter not working)

Release 1.7

- Added 'Run all' button to test runner
- Added 'show/hide tests' toggle to test runner
- Fixed bug 771518 (see

Release 1.6.6

- Switch to JUnit 3.8.1

Release 1.6.6pre2

- Fixed NPE in case an AssertionFailedException is thrown in test setup 

Release 1.6.6pre2

- Changed html output charset to UTF-8 to support non-latin characters
- Added interface RequiresDecoration to support test decoration (e.g. use of junit.extensions.TestSetup)
  when running single tests

Release 1.6.6pre1

Bug fixes (see bug database at for details)

- 719243

Release 1.6.5

Bug fixes (see bug database at for details)

- 699612
- 701531
- 702048

Release 1.6.4

Bug fixes (see bug database at for details)

- 692514
- 692583
- 692586
- 694251
- 695035

Release 1.6.3

- Fix for bug 677262

Release 1.6.2

- Fix for bug 677051

Release 1.6.1

- New resourceRef element available for the JUnitEEWar Ant task

Release 1.6

No changes to 1.6rc2.

Release 1.6rc2

- junitee task logs the server response in case of a parse exception (in rare error cases html is produced by
  the servlet even if output is set to 'xml')
- JUnitEE servlet provides xml in error cases
- JUnitEE servlet sets correct content type for streamed image resources

Release 1.6rc1

- JUnitEE servlet provides threaded mode for long running tests. This avoids timeouts
  and gives the possibility to stop test execution. Also included is
  JUnitEEThreadedServlet which has threaded mode on by default.
- juniteewar task now extends the Ant war task and therefore inherits all it's features
- junitee task supports all relevant features of the junit task (formatters, if/unless
  conditions for test execution, stack trace filtering)

Release 1.5.1

- fix for bug 623737 (Ant task not working when using 'runall' in combination with the 'resource' attribute)
- fix for bug 624812 (error/failure property is not set by the Ant task)

Release 1.5 final

- xml output is now 100% compliant to the xml test report generated by the JUnit Ant task</li>
- bug fix: NPE in JUnitEEServlet.searchForTests</li>

Release 1.5rc2

- request parameter/init parameter to specify stylesheet for xml output
- JUnitEEXMLServlet which produces xml output by default
- the system property 'cactus.contextURL' is set by JUnitEEServlet to support Jakarta Cactus test cases
- bug fix: an error message is displayed if a test class can not be loaded by the test runner

Release 1.5rc1

- improved user interface
- possibility to run single tests
- optional xml output of test results
- new JUnitEEWar Ant task

Release 1.4

- New option to run all tests found in a specified jar file
- Ant task for build integration
- TestServletBase is no longer abstract and should work as is
- Bug Fixes (Bug 583856, 583859)

Release 1.3

- Changes to output so that it shows correctly text using <, & and >
- Option to list all tests that have been run