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Bounce is a visual language using Google Blockly- somewhat like Scratch. It is designed for the esp8266/NodeMCu using the LUA NodeMCU firmware.

Download the release zip file for your platform from, unzip and you should be able to run it.

See this video for an introduction to it:

Screenshot of Bounce with Demo Code

To use this with your esp8266/NodeMCU:

  • First you will need to have a serial/USB driver to connect the esp to Windows - connect the ESP8266 and windows should prompt for this.
  • Then use the NodeMCUFlasher software to put NodeMCU on your ESP8266 if it doesn't already have this.
  • Start up Bounce.
  • The ESP should be connected by this point. Click the "Find Nodes" button.
  • The right hand side is the serial console - showing interactions with nodes, it should list those it has tried, and their responses.
  • The drop down above this allows you to select a serial port where a NodeMCU has been detected. Select yours here.
  • Now click the connect button.
  • You can now start code on the NodeMCU with the Run button.
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