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Docker Installation process

To run Oracle nodes as docker containers you're going to have to install docker package. There are two ways to run Docker:

  • Native, using Linux


  • Booting Linux VM inside Windows or Macosx.


Both ways are very easy, and will take you no more than 5 minutes.

If you have docker installed already you can go straight to Installing Orisi Docker Image


If you're platform is Linux that probably means you can use docker natively:

curl -s | sudo sh




If you installed docker package succesfully go straight to Installing Orisi Docker Image

Install Boot2Docker (for MacOSX and Windows users)

If you want to test oracle on a non-linux machine you're going to need to run a host for docker - a tiny smart virtual machine that can handle dockers, eats only 27mb of your RAM, and it's super fast.

Install process is very easy. It's just click and install.



Bootdocker is installed. Now what?


Open a console. Your system terminal. You need to initialize and start boot2docker, and then login

boot2docker init
boot2docker start
boot2docker ssh

Last command will log you into the Boot2docker Virtual Machine which is a host for your containers!

Now if command docker pull orisi/oracle works, that means you installed docker succesfully!