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(in-package #:quickdist)
(defparameter *distinfo-template*
"name: {name}
version: {version}
distinfo-subscription-url: {base-url}/{name}.txt
release-index-url: {base-url}/{name}/{version}/releases.txt
system-index-url: {base-url}/{name}/{version}/systems.txt
(defparameter *distinfo-file-template* "{dists-dir}/{name}.txt")
(defparameter *dist-dir-template* "{dists-dir}/{name}/{version}")
(defparameter *archive-dir-template* "{dists-dir}/{name}/archive")
(defparameter *archive-url-template* "{base-url}/{name}/archive")
(defparameter *gnutar* "/bin/tar"
"Location of the GNU TAR program")
(defvar *template-readtable*
(let ((readtable (copy-readtable)))
(set-syntax-from-char #\} #\) readtable)
(defun read-template-form (stream)
(let ((*readtable* *template-readtable*)
(*package* (symbol-package :keyword)))
(read-delimited-list #\} stream)))
(defmacro do-character-stream ((var stream &optional result) &body body)
`(loop for ,var = (read-char ,stream nil)
while ,var do ,@body
finally (return ,result)))
(defun render-template (template data)
(with-output-to-string (out)
(with-input-from-string (in template)
(do-character-stream (c in)
(if (not (char= c #\{))
(write-char c out)
(let ((form (read-template-form in)))
(princ (or (getf data (car form))
(error "The value of {~a} is undefined." (car form)))
(defun effective-mtime (path)
(if (not (fad:directory-pathname-p path))
(file-write-date path)
(apply #'max 0 (mapcar #'effective-mtime (fad:list-directory path)))))
(defun format-date (universal-time)
(let* ((time (multiple-value-list (decode-universal-time universal-time)))
(date (reverse (subseq time 3 6))))
(format nil "~{~2,'0d~}" date)))
(defun md5sum (path)
(ironclad:digest-file :md5 path)))
(defun tar-content-sha1 (path)
(let ((octets (babel-streams:with-output-to-sequence (buffer)
(external-program:run *gnutar* (list "-xOf" path) :output buffer))))
(ironclad:digest-sequence :sha1 (copy-seq octets)))))
(defun last-directory (path)
(first (last (pathname-directory path))))
(defun native-namestring (path)
#+ccl(ccl:native-translated-namestring path)
#+sbcl(sb-ext:native-namestring path)
#-(or ccl sbcl)(namestring path))
(defun archive (destdir-path source-path)
(let* ((mtime (format-date (effective-mtime source-path)))
(name (format nil "~a-~a" (last-directory source-path) mtime))
(out-path (make-pathname :name name :type "tgz" :defaults (truename destdir-path))))
(external-program:run *gnutar* (list "-C" (native-namestring source-path) "."
"-czf" (native-namestring out-path)
"--transform" (format nil "s#^.#~a#" name))
:output *standard-output* :error *error-output*)
(defun find-system-files (path)
(let ((system-files nil))
(flet ((add-system-file (path) (push path system-files))
(asd-file-p (path) (string-equal "asd" (pathname-type path))))
(fad:walk-directory path #'add-system-file :test #'asd-file-p))
(sort system-files #'string< :key #'pathname-name)))
(defun asdf-dependency-name (form)
((and (listp form) (eq :version (first form)))
(second form))
(t form)))
(defun get-systems (asd-path)
(with-open-file (s asd-path)
(let* ((package (make-package (symbol-name (gensym "TMPPKG")) :use '(:cl :asdf)))
(*package* package))
(loop for form = (quickdist-reader:safe-read s nil)
while form
when (and (symbolp (car form))
(equalp "defsystem" (symbol-name (car form))))
collect (list* (cadr form)
(sort (mapcar #'asdf-dependency-name
(append (getf form :defsystem-depends-on)
(getf form :depends-on)))
#'string-lessp :key #'first)
(delete-package package)))))
(defun unix-filename (path)
(format nil "~a.~a" (pathname-name path) (pathname-type path)))
(defun unix-filename-relative-to (base path)
(let ((base-name (native-namestring (truename base)))
(path-name (native-namestring (truename path))))
(subseq path-name (mismatch base-name path-name))))
(defun create-dist (projects-path dist-path archive-path archive-url)
(with-open-file (release-index (make-pathname :name "releases" :type "txt" :defaults dist-path)
:direction :output :if-exists :supersede)
(write-line "# project url size file-md5 content-sha1 prefix [system-file1..system-fileN]" release-index)
(with-open-file (system-index (make-pathname :name "systems" :type "txt" :defaults dist-path)
:direction :output :if-exists :supersede)
(write-line "# project system-file system-name [dependency1..dependencyN]" system-index)
(dolist (project-path (fad:list-directory projects-path))
(when (fad:directory-pathname-p project-path)
(let ((system-files (find-system-files project-path)))
(if (not system-files)
(warn "No .asd files found in ~a, skipping." project-path)
(with-simple-restart (skip-project "Skip this project, continue with the next.")
(let* ((tgz-path (archive archive-path project-path))
(project-name (last-directory project-path))
(project-prefix (pathname-name tgz-path))
(project-url (format nil "~a/~a" archive-url (unix-filename tgz-path))))
(format *error-output* "Processing ~a...~%" project-name)
(format release-index "~a ~a ~a ~a ~a ~a~{ ~a~}~%"
project-name project-url (file-size tgz-path) (md5sum tgz-path) (tar-content-sha1 tgz-path) project-prefix
(mapcar (curry #'unix-filename-relative-to project-path) system-files))
(dolist (system-file system-files)
(dolist (name-and-dependencies (get-systems system-file))
(let ((*print-case* :downcase))
(format system-index "~a ~a ~a~{ ~a~}~%"
project-name (pathname-name system-file) (first name-and-dependencies)
(rest name-and-dependencies))))))))))))))
(defun quickdist (&key name (version :today) base-url projects-dir dists-dir)
(let* ((version (if (not (eq version :today)) version (format-date (get-universal-time))))
(projects-path (fad:pathname-as-directory projects-dir))
(template-data (list :name name :version version
:base-url (string-right-trim "/" base-url)
:dists-dir (string-right-trim "/" (native-namestring dists-dir))))
(distinfo-path (fad:pathname-as-file (render-template *distinfo-file-template* template-data)))
(dist-path (fad:pathname-as-directory (render-template *dist-dir-template* template-data)))
(archive-path (fad:pathname-as-directory (render-template *archive-dir-template* template-data)))
(archive-url (render-template *archive-url-template* template-data)))
(assert (fad:directory-exists-p projects-path))
(ensure-directories-exist dist-path :verbose t)
(ensure-directories-exist archive-path :verbose t)
(create-dist projects-path dist-path archive-path archive-url)
(let ((distinfo (render-template *distinfo-template* template-data)))
(dolist (path (list (make-pathname :name "distinfo" :type "txt" :defaults dist-path)
(write-string-into-file distinfo path :if-exists :supersede)))))
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