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Replace distinfo at the very end not to publish a broken version.

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1 parent 8f7bbc9 commit 084cd3962ee23642ebf73858aabb2bb38c045d62 @orivej committed Dec 1, 2012
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8 quickdist.lisp
@@ -155,8 +155,8 @@ system-index-url: {base-url}/{name}/{version}/systems.txt
(assert (fad:directory-exists-p projects-path))
(ensure-directories-exist dist-path :verbose t)
(ensure-directories-exist archive-path :verbose t)
+ (create-dist projects-path dist-path archive-path archive-url)
(let ((distinfo (render-template *distinfo-template* template-data)))
- (dolist (path (list distinfo-path
- (make-pathname :name "distinfo" :type "txt" :defaults dist-path)))
- (write-string-into-file distinfo path :if-exists :supersede)))
- (create-dist projects-path dist-path archive-path archive-url)))
+ (dolist (path (list (make-pathname :name "distinfo" :type "txt" :defaults dist-path)
+ distinfo-path))
+ (write-string-into-file distinfo path :if-exists :supersede)))))

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