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Merge pull request #5 from valeryz/master

Use native namestrings as external pathnames on SBCL and CCL.
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2 parents ac7bc8b + 067fc6b commit 4f8d29d7255c3cefb887fefad274287877d65335 @orivej committed Feb 10, 2013
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  1. +10 −5 quickdist.lisp
@@ -64,12 +64,17 @@ system-index-url: {base-url}/{name}/{version}/systems.txt
(defun last-directory (path)
(first (last (pathname-directory path))))
+(defun native-namestring (path)
+ #+ccl(ccl:native-translated-namestring path)
+ #+sbcl(sb-ext:native-namestring path)
+ #-(or ccl sbcl)(native-namestring path))
(defun archive (destdir-path source-path)
(let* ((mtime (format-date (effective-mtime source-path)))
(name (format nil "~a-~a" (last-directory source-path) mtime))
(out-path (make-pathname :name name :type "tgz" :defaults (truename destdir-path))))
- (external-program:run *gnutar* (list "-C" (namestring source-path) "."
- "-czf" (namestring out-path)
+ (external-program:run *gnutar* (list "-C" (native-namestring source-path) "."
+ "-czf" (native-namestring out-path)
"--transform" (format nil "s#^.#~a#" name))
:output *standard-output* :error *error-output*)
@@ -109,8 +114,8 @@ system-index-url: {base-url}/{name}/{version}/systems.txt
(format nil "~a.~a" (pathname-name path) (pathname-type path)))
(defun unix-filename-relative-to (base path)
- (let ((base-name (namestring (truename base)))
- (path-name (namestring (truename path))))
+ (let ((base-name (native-namestring (truename base)))
+ (path-name (native-namestring (truename path))))
(subseq path-name (mismatch base-name path-name))))
(defun create-dist (projects-path dist-path archive-path archive-url)
@@ -146,7 +151,7 @@ system-index-url: {base-url}/{name}/{version}/systems.txt
(projects-path (fad:pathname-as-directory projects-dir))
(template-data (list :name name :version version
:base-url (string-right-trim "/" base-url)
- :dists-dir (string-right-trim "/" (namestring dists-dir))))
+ :dists-dir (string-right-trim "/" (native-namestring dists-dir))))
(distinfo-path (fad:pathname-as-file (render-template *distinfo-file-template* template-data)))
(dist-path (fad:pathname-as-directory (render-template *dist-dir-template* template-data)))
(archive-path (fad:pathname-as-directory (render-template *archive-dir-template* template-data)))

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