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Create a Quicklisp distribution from a directory of local projects.
Common Lisp
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Quickdist creates and updates Quicklisp distributions from a directory of local projects. It maintains distinfo.txt, releases.txt, systems.txt and source archive - all that is needed for a distribution. Currently it requires external utilities to work: /bin/tar, /bin/sh, /usr/bin/md5sum, sha1sum.


A few dynamic variables and one function are exported.

Dynamic variables determine the layout of files on disk and on the web server. Such are the defaults:

(defparameter *distinfo-template*
  "name: {name}
version: {version}
distinfo-subscription-url: {base-url}/{name}.txt
release-index-url: {base-url}/{name}/{version}/releases.txt
system-index-url: {base-url}/{name}/{version}/systems.txt
(defparameter *distinfo-file-template* "{dists-dir}/{name}.txt")
(defparameter *dist-dir-template*      "{dists-dir}/{name}/{version}")
(defparameter *archive-dir-template*   "{dists-dir}/{name}/archive")
(defparameter *archive-url-template*   "{base-url}/{name}/archive")

The only exported function is quickdist.

quickdist (&key name (version :today) base-url projects-dir dists-dir)

name, version, base-url and dists-dir provide values for the templates. A special default version :today is resolved to the current date in YYYYMMDD format. projects-dir is the directory each subdirectory of which is treated as a separate project to be included in the distribution.


Suppose you have some projects in ~/projects/, you want to publish them from ~/dists/ and you name the distribution quickdist. Then after loading quickdist and hunchentoot:

cl-user> (quickdist:quickdist :name "quickdist" :base-url "http://localhost:4242/" :projects-dir "~/projects" :dists-dir "~/dists")
Processing {project1}...
Processing {project2}...
cl-user> (push (hunchentoot:create-folder-dispatcher-and-handler "/" "~/dists/") hunchentoot:*dispatch-table*)
(#<CLOSURE (lambda # :in hunchentoot:create-prefix-dispatcher) {100A30DEAB}> hunchentoot:dispatch-easy-handlers)
cl-user> (hunchentoot:start (make-instance 'hunchentoot:easy-acceptor :port 4242))
#<hunchentoot:easy-acceptor (host *, port 4242)>
cl-user> (ql-dist:install-dist "http://localhost:4242/quickdist.txt") - [2012-11-30 10:46:29] "get /quickdist.txt http/1.1" 200 241 "-" "quicklisp-client/2012112500 SBCL/1.1.0"
; Fetching #<url "http://localhost:4242/quickdist.txt">
; 0.24KB
241 bytes in 0.00 seconds (0.00KB/sec)
Installing dist "quickdist" version "20121130".
Press Enter to continue. - [2012-11-30 10:46:31] "get /quickdist/20121130/releases.txt http/1.1" 200 295 "-" "quicklisp-client/2012112500 SBCL/1.1.0"
; Fetching #<url "http://localhost:4242/quickdist/20121130/releases.txt">
; 0.29KB
295 bytes in 0.00 seconds (0.00KB/sec) - [2012-11-30 10:46:31] "get /quickdist/20121130/systems.txt http/1.1" 200 132 "-" "quicklisp-client/2012112500 SBCL/1.1.0"
; Fetching #<url "http://localhost:4242/quickdist/20121130/systems.txt">
; 0.13KB
132 bytes in 0.00 seconds (128.91KB/sec)
#<ql-dist:dist quickdist 20121130>
cl-user> (ql:quickload :symbol-namestring) ; for example
To load "symbol-namestring":
  Load 1 ASDF system:
  Install 1 Quicklisp release:
    symbol-namestring - [2012-11-30 10:47:23] "get /quickdist/archive/symbol-namestring-20120812.tgz http/1.1" 200 14842 "-" "quicklisp-client/2012112500 SBCL/1.1.0"
; Fetching #<url "http://localhost:4242/quickdist/archive/symbol-namestring-20120812.tgz">
; 14.49KB
14,842 bytes in 0.00 seconds (14494.14KB/sec)
; Loading "symbol-namestring"
[package symbol-namestring]
cl-user> (ql-dist:uninstall (ql-dist:find-dist "quickdist")) ; no longer want this dist
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