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List the next cron jobs nicely formatted
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Reading crontab -l can be cumbersome and I needed a nicer formatted view of the next cron jobs. cronview takes the output from crontab -l and prints a list of desired length.


the script uses croniter, which you can install with pip

pip install croniter


Print the four next cron jobs

In linux, crontab -l prints the cron jobs for your user. Simply pipe the content from crontab -l into the script and specify how many occurences, ie.

crontab -l | python 4

Print the three next cron job for a specific user

You can also show the cron agenda for a different user like this:

crontab -u username -l | python 3

Get cron job agenda delivered to your inbox regularly

You can also setup a cron job to automatically send you an email regularly with a list of the upcoming cron jobs. Require mailutils to be installed.

Write a bashscript such as

crontab -l | python /path/to/cronview/ 7 | mailx -s "Next cronjobs on wonderland" emailaddress

Then, add it to PATH by for example making a symbolic link to it

sudo ln -s /usr/local/bin/crontab2email /path/to/

Now, add a cron job using crontab -e for example like this

0 7 * * 1 crontab2email

to send yourself an email every monday at 07:00


Suggestions, use the issue tracker or improve the script yourself. I'm happy for push requests.

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