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It's the Weather! (GA WDI Project 2)
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It's the Weather!

Project 2 : Web Development Immersive, General Assembly General Assembly


It's the Weather! Interactive World map that shows current weather conditions.

React.js application that makes use of OpenWeatherMap and Mapbox APIs to gather current global weather information and place appropriate weather icons on an interactive world map. Icons can be selected to show more detailed weather information at that location.

alt text

This was my second project completed whilst undertaking the Web Development Immersive course at General Assembly, London. It was a pair project completed in 2 days with fellow student Pascual Vila.


  • Build a React application that consumes a public API.

Technologies Used

  • React.js
  • Axios
  • jQuery
  • OpenWeatherMap API
  • Mapbox API
  • Yarn

Approach Taken

Screen Layout & Components

The application is divided into two sections. The interactive World map in the left hand side, and the information panel on the right.

alt text

The application has two corresponding react components; map.js & sidepanel.js

render() {
  return (
      {this.state.weatherData &&

Retrieving Weather information

When a user starts the application it connects to OpenWeatherMap's API and retrieves the following weather information for 1204 locations:

Field Description
id Unique location ID
name Location name
latlng latitude and longitude
temp Current temperature
tempMin Daily maximum temperature
tempMax Daily minimum temperature
humidity humidity %
windSpeed Wind speed
windDirection Wind direction deg°
weatherId Weather condition ID
weather Description of weather
weatherClouds Cloudiness %
weatherIcon Weather icon code

This is achieved via an axios.get(...) request and the result is mapped into an array.

globalWeatherInfo() {
    .then(response => {
      const tempArray = => ({
        latlng: [eachLocation.coord.Lat, eachLocation.coord.Lon],
        temp: eachLocation.main.temp,
        tempMin: eachLocation.main.temp_min,
        tempMax: eachLocation.main.temp_max,
        humidity: eachLocation.main.humidity,
        windSpeed: eachLocation.wind.speed,
        windDirection: eachLocation.wind.deg,
      const weatherData = [...this.state.weatherData, ...tempArray]
      this.setState({ weatherData })

The returned locations are determined by this.zoomLevel in the API request. At the moment this value is hard-coded, but future versions will have this linked to map zoom to allow the icon density to scale appropriately.

Weather icons

The OpenWeatherMap API provides a weather icon code. These were matched with a separately sourced set of .svg icons.

description code day code night
clear sky 01d alt text 01n alt text
few clouds 02d alt text 02n alt text
scattered clouds 03d alt text 03n alt text
broken clouds 04d alt text 04n alt text
shower rain 09d alt text 09n alt text
rain 10d alt text 10n alt text
thunder storm 11d alt text 11n alt text
snow 13d alt text 13n alt text
mist 50d alt text 50n alt text

The appropriate icon is assigned as a custom Mapbox marker and placed on the map using it's latitude and longitude.

setMarkers() {
  this.markers.forEach(marker => marker.remove())
  this.markers = => {
    let icon = ''
    switch (location.weatherIcon) {
      case '01d': icon='day'
        //(case for each icon code)
      case '50n': icon='cloudy'
      default: icon='cloudy'

    const $marker = $('<img />', { class: 'custom-marker img', id: , src: `./images/${icon}.svg`})

    $marker.on('click', () => this.props.handleIconClick(

    return new mapboxgl.Marker($marker.get(0))
      .setLngLat({  lat: location.latlng[0], lng: location.latlng[1] })

The icon set also has animated versions that are used in the information panel.


The application is controlled solely by means of interacting with the map component. The map can be moved in any direction and the zoom level can be adjusted. Hovering over an icon enlarges it, and when clicked, the side panel displays detailed weather information for the selected location together with the corresponding animated weather icon.

alt text


Some known bugs in the application:

  • Lag issues when moving map. I believe this is due to the number of .svg files that the browser has to draw, I will try using .png files in a future version.

Wins and Blockers

  • The time constraint for this project was challenging - but we managed to divide the work and the result is clean and functional.

  • Learning how to access APIs and using online documentation to work out how to use them was very rewarding. The quantity and breadth of APIs available is also astounding.

Possible Additions & Improvements

  • On initial load map location is hard-coded and the side panel is empty. This is less a bug, more an omission due to time constraints. A future improvement will be to centre the map on the user's the browser location, and populate the side panel with the closest weather information.

  • The number of locations is currently hard-coded, but future versions will have this linked to map zoom to allow the icon density to scale appropriately.

alt text

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