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Provides solid starting point for any user-based Symfony 2 web application
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Command Added license blurbs to files
Controller Fixed references to old form helper service
DataFixtures/ORM Fixed country data for US, CA, MX
DependencyInjection Fixed references to old form helper service
Entity Fixed issue with setting groups with an array on User entity
Helper Improved HashedEntityHelper's handling of proxies
Http Fixed handling of form errors in JsonErrorResponse
Listener UserPreferencesListener now expects a UserInterface instead of an imp…
Manager FileManager now attempts to ensure directory exists
Model Added license blurbs to files
Repository Added LICENSE
Resources added basic router to replace routes with parameters
Subscriber Updated LatLongSubscriber to check for subclasses
Twig Added LICENSE
Worker Added LICENSE
.gitignore Updated gitignore and added composer.json
OrkestraApplicationBundle.php Merge branch 'master' into develop
composer.json Updated composer.json
phpunit.xml.dist Updated composer with proper common requirement and require-dev section

Application Bundle

Application bootstrap bundle provided a range of features useful for any Symfony 2 application.

NOTE: This bundle is under active development. Currently, there is no roadmap for a stable release. This bundle should not be used in production unless you are comfortable handling regular BC breaks.

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