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  TCL Library


Many scripts for eggdrop bots are distributed with the pre-compiled library (either for 32-bit or 64-bit architectures) but the source code is not provided. For instance, trying to use the popular FiSH encryption with an eggdrop bot (like blowcrypt.tcl) requires using one of these pre-compiled libraries.

This is my effort to compile both the 32-bit and 64-bit library, by piggy backing off of the great FiSH-irssi work.

The FiSH-irssi project includes all the required files to generate, but we still need a small wrapper for TCL. This wrapper file is included as DH1080_tcl.c in this repository.


This build requires all of the libraries needed for FiSH-irssi as well as the TCL include files.

Something like apt-get install tcl8.6-dev may work for a Debian based distrobution.

Get the FiSH-irssi project building first. See the details at it's project page. After you have it successfully building, here's a quick outline.

  • Copy all files from this repo into FiSH-irssi/src/
  • Review and edit the or scripts. Update TCLINC path if needed.
  • Execute the build with ./ or ./ in the FiSH-irssi/src/ directory.
  • Check for errors. Fix. Repeat until compiled.
  • Copy over the where it's needed and enjoy.

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