A Meta CLI toolkit : Personal shell command keeper and snippets manager
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A Meta CLI toolkit

Your personal shell command keeper



Writwick Wraj loves using the command line.

Writwick googles "How to do X in terminal?" and multiple forums and blog posts finally provide him the magical command for the rescue. Problem Solved !

Fast forward couple weeks, Writwick has to do X in terminal, again. Wraj remembers solving this few weeks ago. Let him do a reverse-i-search with Ctrl+R. Nope, can't remember sh*t. Browser search history? 25 web pages found matching X. Argh!

Writwik finally finds the solution. From this time Writwik starts writing the commands somewhere online for the future.

Wait, why shouldn't he keep the command in his terminal itself if this is only place where he'll ever have use it?


  • Save a new command with a brief description
  • Search the saved commands using powerful patterns
  • ~Save the commands on the remote on the server~
  • ~Use keep push and keep pull to sync the commands between all your computers.~

ProTip : Save the commands you usually forget in ssh sessions and sync it with your local machine.


$ pip3 install keep

Use Python 3.6 or later.

You can install pip3 using apt-get as sudo apt install python3-pip.


Usage: keep [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  Keep and view shell commands in terminal only.

  Read more at https://github.com/orkohunter/keep

  -v, --verbose  Enables verbose mode.
  --help         Show this message and exit.

  grep      Searches for a saved command.
  init      Initializes the CLI.
  list      Show the saved commands.
  new       Saves a new command.
  rm        Deletes a saved command.
  run       Executes a saved command.
  update    Check for an update of Keep.

See the detailed usage and tutorial.


This is a very young project. If you have got any suggestions for new features or improvements, please comment over here. Pull Requests are most welcome !

Not a command line fanatic? Here are some resources for you :