A collection of My Favorite Daily Fortunes
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My favorite fortune aggregator

For the love of Linux command line tool fortune

See my Collection 🎉

/ All generalizations are false,          \
|                                         |
| including this one.                     |
|                                         |
| -- Mark Twain, "Pudd'nhead Wilson's     |
\ Calendar"                               /
       |o_o |
       |:_/ |
      //   \ \
     (|     | )
    /'\_   _/`\

To quote from a sysadmin's personal notes

There are two types of Linux users :

  1. One who ❤ Linux
  1. One who wish Windows was made for programming.

- W. Shakespeare 1549 AD

I am so in love with Linux. I am personally very fond of the commands fortune and cowsay, so much that every time when my terminal session starts, I spare 2-5 seconds with new fortunes. But there were many ones which I wanted to store somewhere and look over again. So, that's why you are reading this now.


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