An electron app to binge-watch anything, without being bored
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Muriel Muriel

Powered by Electron

Muriel is a cross platform app for watching a long series (TV, Documentaries, etc.) in a random order such that no video is repeated until all the others have been watched already.

Why would you use it?

There are some TV series with over hundreds of episodes. After completing the whole thing once (and if we like it), we often watch one random episode anytime we feel like it. In this pseudo-random process of ours, there is a high chance of recurrence of episodes in short duration, which ultimately makes us bored and we quit.

So how does this work?

Muriel keeps a shuffled order of episodes and doesn't let any episode repeat unless all the others have been watched the same number of times.

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How to use?

Go to the release page, download the one for your platform (Windows, Linux or Mac OS). Run chmod +x Muriel on the executable. Create a shortcut to the executable from where you want to use it.

Confession 1 : Sorry about the large release size. Electron packaging is not lightweight.
Confession 2 : Again sorry for no standalone executables or app. I couldn't figure out how to make one.

Can I make changes and contribute?

Yes please !

$ git clone
$ cd Muriel
$ npm install
$ npm start

If you don't have npm, use nvm to install it.