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Note from the author

I no longer work on this project. Maintaining a server and other extensions to store reminders and execute them on time takes a lot of effort. There are gigantic companies and startups working on this. It also made me hit my first burnout because I thought I could make everything on my own in a short duration of time. I'm thankful I learnt this early.

I agressively use Google Calendar which sends me all kinds of reminders aka Pings :') and thus instead of re-inventing the wheel, I think I can work on new ideas. Plus, there exists quite a lot of tools which interface with Google Calendar from the command line and and they take care of NLP as well. Thus, I feel there is no need to revive the project.

It was a good run. Thanks to the 300 registered and other anonymous users for giving chills to an 18 year old kid, on one of his first pet projects.

April 20, 2018

TLDR: Have a look at gcalcli or khal.

Code Health


A Cross Platform personalized Ping

NOTE : The server is not being maintained right now. (Because my GitHub student pack expired)

The beauty of ping-me is its command line interface. Get all of your reminders done just by a single line command on your favorite terminal screen. ping-me will surely ping you at that time, no matter you are online or not. It will get to you on your phone device, smart watch and even SMS in worst cases.

Stay Lazy, Stay Updated !


Current Release - 0.3

Step 1 : Installing package and dependencies

$ pip install ping-me

Make sure all the dependencies get installed properly while the installation.

Step 2 : Setting up cronjob (Not for windows, See step 3)

$ crontab -e

In the file, add the following lines


* * * * * get-ping

Make sure to leave a blank line at the end of the file.

Save and exit. The installation is complete.

See this for some explanation of the crontab

Step 3 : Chrome Extension

Download the chrome extension from here.

Log in with the credentials you used for ping-me. And we are done.

Note : ping-me will work even if all chrome windows are closed.


Use of flags

$ ping-me -d November-24-2015 -t 14:30 Get up and eat!

By default -d and -t accounts for and 00:00 hours respectively. Go ahead and make experiments with the syntax.

No flags, pure language

$ ping-me to get up and eat tomorrow afternoon

Add -v flag at the end to see the verbose output.

Project Status

  • ping-me identifies date, time and message using flags
  • ping-me asks for configuration on first request
  • ping-me stores the configuration on remote server
  • ping-me stores the message with datetime stamp on the server
  • Server activates the ping 50 seconds prior to its exact time
  • Server ready for a GET request
  • ping-me makes full use of natural language processing
  • ping-me notifies through chrome/firefox extension
  • ping-me works on linux
  • ping-me works on windows
  • ping-me works on OS X
  • ping-me works on Android
  • ping-me sends texts to phone
  • ping-me ping-me works on ios
  • ping-me works on Windows phone

Contribution : Please feel free to report bugs in the application. I'll try to fix them. Also, if either of javascript or android is your piece of cake, please contact me and we'll make things up real quick. Enjoy anyways!