Ruby library for syncing local directories with FTP servers
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A Ruby library for recursively downloading and uploading directories to/from ftp servers. Also supports uploading and downloading a list of files relative to the local/remote roots. You can specify a timestamp to only download files newer than that timestamp, or only download files newer than their local copy.

This was originally written to provide the functionality I needed for Munkey, a tool for tracking changes on FTP servers with git.

Allows you to supply a 'ignore' class that dictates whether a file is excluded from upload / download.


ftp = '', 'username', 'password'
ftp.pull_dir '/tmp/syncdir', 'path/on/server'

make some changes on server

ftp.pull_dir '/tmp/syncdir', 'path/on/server', :since => true, :delete => true

:since => true - means only files which are newer than the local copy will be downloaded
:since => - means only files which are newer than the supplied date will be downloaded
:delete => true - means if the file is removed from the server, then the local copy is removed
:skip_errors => true - means if file cant be read (ie permissions) it will be skipped