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A Javascript Word Guess Game based on a Speak n Spell electronic toy.
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Speak N Spell Style Word Guessing Game

This is my JavaScript version of the old Speak N Spell electronic game complete with sound!

How to Play

Press PLAY to start. The player presses a key and will determine if it is in the word or not. The player wins if they get all the characters before guess count reaches 0 and increases their win count by 1 and a letter is revealed. The player loses if guess count reaches zero and 1 is added to the lose count. Press RESET to reset the win and lose count. The game plays a melody when PLAY or RESET is clicked. When a letter key is pressed a letter sound is played.

Here is the folder structure:

├── assets
|  ├── css
|  |  └── style.css
|  ├── images
|  └── javascript
|     └── game.js
└── index.html

JavaScript Psuedocode

The JavaScript code was written in a separate JavaScript file called game.js

  • Declare Global Variables

    • Create variables for keyPress, win count, lose count, guessCount, randomWord, fillInTheBlank lines.
    • Create arrays for already guessed letters and a word list.
  • Create an Object called wordGame

  • Create object methods

    • randomize - picks a random word from the wordList array
    • playSound - plays win, lose, or random melody based on a passed argument
    • playLetter - plays a letter sound.
    • playGame - starts the game by running the randomize method
    • resetGame - resets the score
    • pushAlreadyGuessed - pushes already pressed keys into an array
    • validateKey - if the key that was pressed is a letter then it will return true, else return false
    • findMatch - runs a for loop by splitting the randomWord into a local array, then compares the user key with each character.
      • If there's a match then play a letter sound.
        • if all the characters are found the player wins and a melody is played. The win count increases by 1.
      • Else if no character is found then the guess is reduced by 1.
        • if remaining guesses are 0 then the player loses and lose count increases by 1.


I started with functions and made sure they worked. I then created the wordGame object and made the functions as object methods. I used specialized webfonts from the Google and

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