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Harry Potter RPG Game

Harry Potter RPG Game Webpage

My son loves the world of Harry Potter so I decided to do an RPG game based on those characters.

Here's how the jQuery application works:

  • When the game starts, the player will choose a character by clicking on the character's card, which will be used for the rest of the game.

  • The player chooses the first opponent by clicking on an enemy's card.

  • The selected opponent will be moved to the Defender section.

  • The rest of the cards will move to the bottom Opponents Left To Battle area.

  • The ATTACK button will become active.

  • When the player clicks ATTACK, their character will damage the opponent and they will lose HP, shown at the bottom of the opponent card.

  • The opponent will counter attack and the player's character will lose some of their HP, shown at the bottom of the player character's card.

  • The player will keep hitting the attack button in an effort to defeat their opponent.

  • When the defender's HP is reduced to zero or below, remove the enemy from the Defender area and hide the ATTACK button. The player character can now choose a new opponent.

  • The player WINS the game by defeating ALL enemy characters.

  • The player LOSES the game the game if their HP falls to zero or below.

  • A Bootstrap Modal will pop up, showing a Win or Lose status.

  • The ATTACK button dissappears and the RESTART button appears.

  • Pressing RESTART Reloads the webpage and starts the game over.

Game Design Requirements

  • Each character in the game has 3 attributes: Health Points, Attack Power and Counter Attack Power.

  • Each time the player attacks, their character's Attack Power increases by its base Attack Power.

    • For example, if the base Attack Power is 6, each attack will increase the Attack Power by 6 (12, 18, 24, 30 and so on).
  • The enemy character only has Counter Attack Power.

    • Unlike the player's Attack Points, Counter Attack Power never changes.
  • The Health Points, Attack Power and Counter Attack Power of each character must differ.

  • No characters in the game can heal or recover Health Points.


  • $(element1).not(element2,element3) method -

    • After selecting the first defending card the rest of the cards are moved into the Opponents Left To Battle section.
  • Ex:

    $(".card").not("#"+playerID+",#"+defenderID).each(function (index) {
  • .children().length

  • To check if there are any card elements left in the Opponents Left To Battle section I used the .children().length methods. If the player defeats the enemy and the element count equals zero the player wins.

  • Ex:

    if ($("#charactersLeft").children('.card').length > 0) {
  • I ended not using the children length function. I did a count card variable instead. If the cards that are left is equal to zero then player wins.

  • For loop works with objects in an array DO NOT WORK IN jQUERY

  • This doesn't work:

    //For loop looks through each object and displays the values
        for(var i = 0; i < characters; i++) {
  • Use the .each() to loop through an object array.

    // Outer key, value pairs
    $.each(characters, function(i, currentChar) {
    // Inner Key, Value pairs
            $.each(currentChar, function (key, val){
                console.log(key, val)
  • Movie sound clips from

  • To move an element try

  • to get index of an element within another element try:

  • Removing and Re-Adding elements will mess up .on() events because .on() works only on current elements. Needs to be reset somehow. From the jQuery docs: Event handlers are bound only to the currently selected elements; they must exist at the time your code makes the call to .on().

    Ex: $( "#dataTable tbody tr" ).on( "click", function() { console.log( $( this ).text() ); });

    Event Delegation: ``` $( "#dataTable tbody" ).on( "click", "tr", function() { console.log( $( this ).text() ); });


    • Will avoid using location.reload as the easy way to restart the game, will try to reset all the variables.
    • There were event delegation problems using .remove() and .append() the cards with the same IDs.
    • I used .hide() and .show() and the problem went away. Took a long time to figure out.
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