Why the assert(db_ == NULL); statement is there? and what will happen if I removed it ? #35

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R4md4c commented Aug 14, 2011

The first question is in the title.

The second question I am writing a backend for a website and uses your module for sqlite stuff.
For each request I open a variable database file(using the same handle for all the server) but when there is multiple requests comes after each other the server hangs and prints that exception.
Error: Error closing database
{ stack: [Getter/Setter],
arguments: undefined,
type: undefined,
message: 'out of memory' }
Why that happens despite for each open call there is a corresponding end call, I have no idea why that happens ?

ndaversa commented Oct 2, 2011

I'm hitting the same assertion. Although I'm not trying to do the same variable database file stuff.

Are you using persistence js as well with the sqlite module?

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