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Skadi 2019.4

@orlikoski orlikoski released this
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Installation Files

Installing on an OS with Docker already installed (MacOS, Windows, and Linux)



Install on Existing Ubuntu 18.04 OS:

Skadi Desktop

SHA256 File Hashes:

7eb1c5e1fc9db2864b40e3af61e04e8fc7afea7c0aba916b301ac6a8f202f1c8 skadi_server-2019.4.ova

System Changes

  • Refactored signed installer to be more modular and flow better
  • Includes daemon (cdqr.d) version of CDQR Docker helper script
  • Refactored docker-compose.yml file
    • Reference only artifacts in the Skadi repository
    • All items now in one file (22 containers configured to work together)
  • Created Start/Stop/Reset Docker helper scripts for Powershell and Bash
  • Updated signed installer to use the new components
  • Removed Cerebro and now use Kibana Management page instead
  • Enabled Skadi to run on any OS with Docker installed (MacOS, Windows, and Linux)
  • Created skadi-backend network and reduced exposed ports to only 80, 5432, 9200
  • Updated Secure Networking pack to work with these changes
  • Fixes
    • Yeti investigations now work
    • Yeti settings and data now persist
    • All containers now persist data