Skadi Pack 01: Automation

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Installing Skadi Pack: Automation

Download and execute the installation script with the following commands

wget -O /tmp/
bash /tmp/

This installation will do the following:

  • Create new group automationadmin
  • Create new user ottomate and add to automationadmin group
    • ottomate is disabled from authenticating with password (must use key pair)
    • ottomate is used to execute all items related to automation (gRPC and SSH options)
  • Install all Skadi automation files to /var/lib/automation
  • Setup automation log file in /var/log/automation/skadi_automation.log
  • Configure Systemd service grpc_automation.service to control the gRPC automation
  • Add UFW firewall rule to allow port 10101 from anywhere to use with gRPC service
    NOTE: Highly recommended to restrict this to just the automation server

Post Installation

  • Refer to Skadi wiki for remaining items required to use a RSA keypair for SSH based automation

gRPC Server Automation Instructions

  • Use sudo systemctl status grpc_automation to verify service is running
  • Use tail -f /var/log/automation/skadi_automation.log to check the automation engine logs
  • Use sudo journalctl -f -u grpc_automation to check the gRPC automation service logs

To verify Automation is working run the following:

/usr/bin/python /var/lib/automation/ localhost -h

gRPC Client Automation Instructions

  • Use the files in /var/lib/automation and specifically /var/lib/automation/ to send automation commands to Skadi
  • Usage: /usr/bin/python <server IP address or routable domain name> <commands to send to>
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