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A D M I R A L - 1 6

pure interpreter

Greetings from Verge Station

Verge Station is located in the outskirts of uncharted space. It's isolated place with no outside contacts. All the hi-tech resources that we have, we bought here with us.

Our deep space station is furnished with double-DCPU -unit. And that is all the computing power we have. In an isolated place like this, all software is developed by ourselves - with the trusty D-DCPU.

Yes, it's hard to write code with LEM resolution... Yes, it's hard to fit IDE, runtime and applications into 64k ...and yes, it is hard re-program reactor core routines in 374 seconds to prevent meltdown!

But we have enlisted to the Verge Station, not because it is easy, but because it is Hard!

A D M I R A L - 1 6 
pure interpreter


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