Pure-JS face detection; nodeified &npmified fork of liuliu's browser version https://github.com/liuliu/ccv/tree/current/js
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#Face detection js

A fork of the pure-javascript face detection in Liu Liu's CCV library (in branch 'current'), converted for Node and npm.


This package provides the method detect_objects, to which you pass a parameters hash. The most important parameter is the canvas obj, into which you should have already loaded an image.

This method returns an array of hashes, each representing a face, with the following fields:

  • x, y : the coordinates of the top-left corner of the face's bounding box
  • width, height : the pixel dimensions of the face's bounding box
  • neighbours, confidence : info from the detection algorithm

Simple example

var face_detect = require('face-detect'),
    Canvas = require('canvas');

// ... initialize a canvas object ...

var result = face_detect.detect_objects({ "canvas" : myCanvas,
  "interval" : 5,
  "min_neighbors" : 1 });

console.log('Found ' + result.length  + ' faces.');

for (var i = 0; i < result.length; i++){
  var face =  result[i];

in future, directly passing an image path or a buffer containing raw png data will be supported


It's important to note that this is not my work. All credit for the actual face-detection work should go to Liu Liu.

I have just taken the browser JS from that project (in branch current ), plucked out the threading support and made it useable with node & npm via node-canvas


This project is installed with npm.

from npm repository

$cd my-project
$ npm install face-detect

locally with npm

$ git clone https://orls@github.com/orls/ccv-purejs.git face-detect
$ cd face-detect
$ npm install
$ cd ../my-project
$ npm install ../face-detect