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Build Status

OpenRoads is a set of tools that allows for management and collaborative editing of road network data. Most of them are forks from OSM applications that were adapted and streamlined for the OR use case.

The following repositories are part of the OR ecosystem:

Build status Repo Notes
Build Status API The partial port of the OSM API to Hapi
Build Status Network editor Forked from iD
Build Status Analytics Analytics and dashboards
Workers A set of background workers to perform the more intensive processes
Frontend to-fix Soon to be deprecated. Will be folded into Analytics
Backend to-fix Soon to be deprecated. Will be folded into Analytics
OpenRoads data Everything related to road network data and maps
OpenRoads boundaries The political boundaries used in the project

This is the main repo that contains the frontend wrapper that glues all these applications together.

The wrapper

The wrapper is the bit of glue that brings the OR eco-system together for the end users. It contains a shared header, loads each of the applications in an <iframe> and takes care of the routing.

Local environment

$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer 9898

Starts the server at http://localhost:9898

To run tests, point your browser to http://localhost:9898/test

Implementing the header

For technical docs on how to implement this in the OR applications, check docs/