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Diablo II automation framework in autoit
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D2au3 is an Autoit v3 framework for automating tedious gameplay in Diablo II.


D2au3 is (was) an ambitious attempt at cleanly recreating the functionality of mmbot - a popular Diablo II Autoit bot written by Manus-Magnus. D2au3 is born out of the large, active community formerly located at went away in late 2007 with the loss of our generous hosting.

I began writing D2au3 with the idea of creating an mmbot-like bot that would be highly modular and extensible directly in Autoit, in contrast to mmbot's "sequence" system. The vast majority of this code was written by myself and another user (Mcgod). It isn't currently in a usable state, but many of the essential components are implemented. We weren't using a VCS when this project started. This is a git import of an old Sourceforge SVN repo which includes a lot of Mcgod's work. I have a dozen or so other snapshots of this sitting around my disk, some of which differ significantly.

There should be no legal problems with this code, which I've released under the GPL v3.

An MMbot binary and tutorial is still available from Blizzhackers.

I no longer have much interest in Diablo II or Autoit, but if anyone is genuinely interested in picking up this project feel free to get in touch, or just fork this repo.

~ Dan Douglas

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