Straight Forward Docker on Windows
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Straight Forward Docker on Windows


Task docker command
Display Version docker version
List installed images docker images
Remove an image docker rmi <image name>
Remove a container docker rm <container>
Show running containers docker ps
Show all containers docker ps -a
Run a command in a NEW container docker run <container> <command>
Interactive mode
docker run -i <container> <command>
Run a command in an EXISTING container docker exec <container> <command>
Interactive mode
docker exec -i <container> <command>
Connect to a container's console docker attach <container>
Get a Windows container's IP address docker inspect --format '{{ .NetworkSettings.Networks.nat.IPAddress }}' <container>
Build an image docker build <folder> -t <image name>
docker build . -t ormico/helloworld

Image names are often prefixed with a namespace. In the example above "ormico" is used as the namespace prefix and "/" is used as a separator.

Images also support tags. Multiple images can share the same name if they are differentiated by a tag. Tags are specified using the ":". Tags are often used to specify version numbers and operating systems.

Dockerfile reference