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Three plugins for TeamCity,
emailinject - Allows your build script to inject custom message in the TeamCity email that is sent out after a build.
tctweet - Allows build statuses to be tweeted to a Twitter account.
unique - Allows your builds to share one unique build number counter across multiple projects.
The workspace in Eclipse has been set to this location / directory in order for some of the project settings to work properly.
All the jars pretty much work the same, here is the gist of it
Created - 7/2008
1. Jar the classess and descriptor file ( uniquebuildnumber.jar )
\com\deloitte\acs\*.class etc
In Eclipse, right click jar.jardesc, choose Create JAR, that will create uniquebuildnumber.jar
2.Install on the server by dropping the jar into the
3. Restart the server and the plugin should be loaded automatically
The stdout_xxx.log should have entry similar to this, once the TeamCity server is started
*** UniqueBuildnumber adding
4. Configure each project for the unique plugin, the plugin will examine each build number and
only replace the build / compile number for those marked unique. Example 1.5.0.{unique}
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