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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# This scripts helps removing remote Git branches.
# Run it from a git repo dir. It will open the Git branches list
# in your favorite editor. Delete some branches from the list.
# Save and close the file. The script applies the changes to the repo.
from subprocess import call, Popen, PIPE
from os import getenv
import re
# configure commands used in this script
editor_command = getenv('EDITOR')
branch_command = 'git branch -r'
mktemp_command = 'mktemp'
# takes 'git branch' output and returns a set of branches
def branches_to_list(text):
branches = set()
for branch in re.split('\n', text):
branch = re.sub(' .+', '', branch.lstrip());
if branch is not '':
return branches
# create a temp file
tmp_file = Popen(mktemp_command, stdout=PIPE).communicate()[0].decode().rstrip()
# write git branches to the temp file
call('%s > %s' % (branch_command, tmp_file), shell=True)
# get original branches
original_branches = branches_to_list(open(tmp_file, 'r').read())
# edit the temp file with the editor command
call('%s %s' % (editor_command, tmp_file), shell=True)
# get new branches
new_branches = branches_to_list(open(tmp_file, 'r').read())
# adding and renaming branches is not supported
exit('Aborting! Do not add or rename branches, just remove them.')
# remove branches with Git
for branch in original_branches.difference(new_branches):
pushable = re.sub('/', ' :', branch)
call('git branch -rd %s' % branch, shell=True)
call('git push %s' % pushable, shell=True)